Spanish Language, Canadians and Modern Romance

On the 2nd day of January, I wanted to build on my strong exercise momentum, I thought maybe I can develop my blog a little bit more and carry on with my healthy diet.

I started my day with a breakfast with John, John is  the volunteer from the public housing committee and the 5th generation Californian. The conversation was not smooth maybe because I did not sleep well that night as I had to fix a bug on my website. Thank god I did not have to call Go Daddys, they are nice but a technical support call at 1:00 am in the morning can only go one way!!  

I decided to start writing my article in the library of the HI hostel, Marcus on of the football match group came and sat beside me, he was telling me yesterday about the incredible life he lived. He  was born in Argentina, he lived with his parents. He realized at a later stage in his life that his father is not his real father. He felt a sense of betrayal and deception, he stopped talking to his family till this day. He felt that hiding the truth about the reality of his father left him with a very deep emotional scar,  He has lived an exceptional life, being homeless twice. Marcus Zapata is an exceptional talent.

Me and Marcus with my funny face

He will be moving back to Argentina for few months, he is a website developer who is keen to have a very independent life, he build websites and sell them on He has sold a website for more than 1700 dollars, Flippa helps him to have easier access to markets and easier money collection process. I think of Flippa as an advanced version of Theme Forest. We have used many software solutions in our company emergence, he brought back the old development work vibe.  Marcus will be joining his girlfriend in Spain. I have just realized that Argentinian has a white skin color. Not like many people from Latin America who might have some kind of tanned darker kind of skin color. I was surprised that Marcus has been knowing Mallisa from Chicago Gateway hostel.  The world is a very small place.

The Christmas Dinner in the HI hostel was an exceptional international experience

I was not excited to write my article in the morning, so I sat down with Bill one of the volunteers at the HI hostel, he took us in a tour around down town Chicago and introduced us to many architecture work in the city, specifically the work of Picaso, Louis Sullivan and Ludwig Mice.  Chicago is the home of many famous architecture work, I remember Vivan from Italy introduced me to the work of Renzo Pinao who has designed the modern wing at the Art Institute in Chicago.

 Bill told  me to the work,  we talked a little bit about his social work and his political opinions. Earlier I have been with Bill on one of his walking tours, On Bill Tour I have met  Nolwenn, a French girl from I think a small place near Lyon, I cannot remember the location exactly, Nolwenn is a computer science student was has been doing part of her studies in Quebec, the French provenance in Canada. We had very good time together specially working together with others on assembling a 1000 piece puzzle.

Feras And Nolwenn assemble the 1000 pieces puzzle

It is not only Nolwenn that was coming to Chicago from Canada. I have met Jennie and Marion from Canada. Jennie is a sports and physical exercise student who has been wearing Nike  red sneakers, Marion is non-profit organization director who is focused on providing further education and society engagement to teenagers.  I have also met Natalie from Canada who works for a non-profit organization that supports climate change awareness work. Cedric works for an engineering company that do some modeling work for Siemens  and Bombardier. Most of the people that I meet are from Quebec.   Jeeha song is a nursing student from Saskatchewan. I think Canada is still seen as a place that is hospitable and welcoming to immigrants, there is a huge room for growth in Canada. What I found common among Canadians that they are polite, thoughtful, happy but in monotonous mood, to be fair they have high level of engagement but it was little bit lower than my excitement threshold.  Nonetheless, they are the ones that you can rely on them from an ethical point of view.

The hydro massage was en exceptional experience at fitness planet

On that day I was not be feeling very energetic, I started my day with a very strong desire to complete my article before noon. Unfortunately, I could not do that I felt guilty that the time was lost and I could not finish my article by noon, I did not talk much with many people on that day. I wanted to go for a salsa class but I could not reach on time. I went back to the hostel, slept for some time then went to the gym to exercise at around 2 am in the morning. This is what I like about fitness planet, you can exercise at any time of the day.

I tried the full body enhancement machine and the hydro massage machine, in short this how I have ended the 2nd day in January 2019.

Feras Naser

2nd of January 2019

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