Jazz, intellectuals and a mafia leader table

The 4th of January was an exceptional day, it was Friday, wanted to make sure that I  do something that is very much from Chicago on this day, to do something that reminds of Chicago Cultural vibe. This was my first visit to Chicago, My perception about Chicago was that it is a city of crime, police pursuits and dark alleys. I was surprised to discover that the city is the home of many famous museums including the art institute, the natural history museum and the fields museum, it is a city that is full of exceptional artistic pieces like cloud gate, the flamingo and many street arts work. Hollywood has been highly unfair towards Chicago. The city has many attractions to visit, that it deserves it is position as the 2nd most visited city in the United States of America.

 The guys in the hostel was telling me about the Green Mill which is the oldest Jazz club in Chicago and maybe the United States of America. Jazz is a unique kind of music that is depends on saxophone. I really did not enjoy the music when I listened to Jazz on youtube. It seems to be that I am more of a modern pop music young man. I still have great appreciation for live performances and having musicians doing his best to engage an audience, but to be fair most of the music that I listened to these days I listen to it on youtube and sometimes spotify .

 The guys in the hostel was telling me about the Green Mill which is the oldest Jazz club in Chicago and maybe the United States of America. Jazz is a unique kind of music that is depends on saxophone. I really did not enjoy the music when I listened to Jazz on youtube. It seems to be that I am more of a modern pop music young man. However, American Music or Music that was produced in America is still the kind of music that makes me dance, one of the new bands that I listen to is called the Lumineers, I have been introduced to this band by a friend of mine called Ashton, Ashton was an couch surfer from Utah, I enjoyed his company.

The entrance of the Green Mill, the oldest Jazz club in the world

 I decided to challenge my taste, join a company and go to the Green mill. I went to the club with a nice group from the hostel, the club was jammed full,  It was clear after few performances that Jazz is in not my cup of tea.

Gerry and his band was playing an exceptional Jazz music

 Jazz music represents a cultural phenomena which can be described as an American Classical Music miracle. It has represented a revolution against all norms as it has high engagement from the African American community,  it has represented a new kind of music, a music for the working class that sounds than traditional high class associated classical music. When you go the the Green Mill, you need to read a little bit about Jazz, Chicago and Al Cabone. Al Cabone was a famous gangster from Chicago who owned the club for some time, we sat on his famous table, they still have a picture of him in the club. If you read about the history of the Green Mill, you will be able to capture part of what was going on in the mid of the twenty century.   

On that day I wake up late, I was not feeling energetic, I started writing my daily article until it was published, there is usually popcorn every Friday in the hostel, this time it was prepared by Kallan, I had some popcorn but I did not watch a movie, in my mind, eating popcorn was highly associated with watching movies, this time I just had the popcorn then I start preparing myself for going out and I was ready to join the group going to the Green Mill Club. 

It takes an exceptional amount of effort – The Saxophone is a very hard instrument

The group that I have joined was a great group of from different countries across the globe, there was around fifteen people joining the tour. I have manged to talk to David from Australia and his wife Eleanor. There was another young man from Australia, his name was Jake, we talked briefly about successful software companies in Australia like Canva and Atlassian, we talked about how these companies are very successful companies but they cannot be on the same size as the big software companies in San Francisco. However, I have told Jake that I have great appreciation for technology companies who can make it outside Silicon Valley..

I have talked more with David and Eleanor, David is a principle in a working class school in Australia, Eleanor is his wife and she works as a teacher in the same school. They have brought some very good vibe, we talked about the differences between Australia and Canada, how some kids at their school might have the perception that the kids in the city might be getting better education, Elenor said this is not true at all, all the kids are getting the same level of education but the kids in the city are richer of course. David is responsible for a big school that has more than 1500 students. I was keen to know from David, based on our conversation and his perception, to what class I would belong, he said “Middle Class”. I have a genius cousin who is studying at the University of Melbourne high School, he was a genius when he was much younger, hopefully he has still some evidences that can prove his intellectual superiority.

Edward and Rachel from Sheffield – England

I have also managed to talked a little bit to Edward and Rachel, the couple are from Sheffield, England. I enjoyed a conversation with them on our way to the club and before the Jazz performance, Edward is highly educated as well as Rachel, you can feel that from the way they speak. As you can see from the photo, Rachel has the lemon face of Emma Watson. I felt that I am talking to two of the Harry potter film crew, I think JK Rowling will always feel very proud that people sometimes remember her novels by seeing some people who might look like some of the characters in the novel. This is an exceptional success. Reaching the stage where you bring original thought to emotions people are experiencing on their daily lives when they interact with objects or humans.

From the way they Edward and Rachel dress, it gives you the perception that  they might belong to the labor party, wearing the basic shirt and jeans trousers but from the way they speak, I would definitely say they have got some good education, they told me that they have been educated in an infamous university in Sheffield, I could not tell the difference if they have been studying in Oxford or at a community college, what I can only say that they have been sounding intellectual. What is interesting about Edward and Rachel that they have met each other at the Film society in their university and they have been with each other ever after. From the way they have been all around each other, you can say the flare of love is still going on their lives.  

The most notable member of the group was Chuck, Chuck who was our host and our tour guide was an interesting one, he was interesting because he was talking about his mix family heritage, his attempts to become English, his previous positions as someone who was reporting for 3 mayors on 34 transit systems and because of the table that he has got us at the Green Mill. We got the El Cabone table. Half of the people attending the gig were standing. I think I appreciated what Chuck has been done in terms of tour organization. I wanted to talk more with Chuck and tell him about our solutions at Emergence, our inspectro solution and smart bus stop solution. The time did not allow for such an exchange. None the less I enjoyed a 7 days weekly pass at the transportation systems in Chicago for around 28 dollars. That was a bliss.    

Joe from Taiwan a postgraduate degree in architecture

I have also met John Ivy, John Ivy is  from Taiwan, he is a PhD student at the University of Buffalo, we played a table tennis game together earlier, when I asked him about what kind of architectural thought he likes, he said he liked the thoughts of Mies, Mies was a very famous architect from Germany who has done a lot of work in  Chicago, he was responsible for the design of Illinois instate of technology  campus and the Federal Plaza in Chicago. He was the head of the architecture faculty at Illinois institute of technology. Some of Mies work reminds me with our partners Pfeifer and Jordahl, I have been owing a company that is selling buildings lifting and connecting accessories that has been used in many skyscrapers across the globe. including Burj Khalifa of Dubai and the Trump tower of Chicago.

We went back to the hostel after that, I was very tired, I spoke a little bit with Kevin the pipe fitting guy from southern Chicago. We talked about the museums in Washington DC, I asked him if he was using the Daqri helmet in his work, he said no but he has heard about it, they might be starting to use it by next year. The Daqri helmet is an augmented reality helmet that can help making the maintenance process more interesting, I was very tired on that day.

He told me briefly about the museums he visited in Washington DC.   I slept a little bit on the couch in front of the TV, then I headed to my room. This is how my day went on 4th of January 2019.

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4th – January – 2019

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