Working Class, Trust, innovation and Blockchain

On the third day of January, I was keen on making sure that this day will be a little bit different than the previous ones, basically I was not happy about my business, enjoyment or social performances. Yes, when I travel I try to achieve certain objectives, one of these objectives  is to talk about our solutions to as many people as I can, making new friends and of course having real fun time, my rule in life play hard work hard and never settle for the in between.

I raise up late on the morning, I had my usual breakfast, I was not feeling a lot of energy on that day in spite of having my morning coffee but I was determined to make the most of my day. I went back to the room to prepare for my daily shower. I passed by Kevin. Kevin is a very interesting guy that has large tattoos on his hands and near his neck. You will definitely remember Kevin if you met him.    

Kevin told me that he is working as a pipe fitter in a corn factory that is considered to be one of the biggest corn factories in the world. He looked like a tough man with sharp determination on working and getting the work done, just doing what he supposed to do, going back home and rest. He has been married for more than 27 years, it has reminded me of the supporters of the UK independence party in Newton abbot, he was sleeping in the bed underneath me, he sounded like a genuine guy who has lost the support of the society.

He reminded me of Scoot Gordon a railway man who took me on the track when I was much younger, sometimes you just want to get along with the job that you have in your hands, just go home and relax. This was Kevin. My whole life was about meeting people from different backgrounds, from different professions and from different classes. This is basically one of my core values and it will be very hard for me not to be fair and not to speak with everyone and appreciate every human being in this world. No matter what is his background, no matter. This is what emergence humanity is all about it and this what my life was all about.   

Emergence Humanity is about building bridges among people from different classes, different background and different communities

In my previous company, I was always telling my employees/ colleagues that we have no racism here, we have shared the same flat and we have always been open to each other.  that Our work in Sometimes I feel trust is hard to build with people like Kevin, it is not only me, coming from a middle class background and talking to someone who can be described as a working class.  The trust among classes is a genuine problem that has been there for as long as the ages, this why I think I like blockchain solutions it might provide a better layer of transparency that can help us understand each other even more. One of the main things that I am concerned in doing is about building conversations among people from different groups, I know that we will not be solving all of the problems of inequality but definitely we can make our interaction more humane and our interaction with each other more trustful. Luckily, I have managed to attend a blockchain event on the this day. It was the first time that I see people talking about bitcoin or blockchain in the USA.

Feras Naser working hard with his colleagues in Emergence office in Dubai, trying to bring the next innovation to the world

I have looked at the meet up app,  looking for events around the city, I was very keen to do something different so I  decided to go to the Mhub to attend the a BOB meeting (Bitcoin and open blockchain). I have been involved in what can be described as software generic architecture in 2011, even I am not a software engineer, my interest in data and extraction value out of data for improvement of railway processes led me to the attempts of development of peer to peer, decentralized software architecture, the bitcoin and blockchain concepts fit perfectly of what I was doing back then and what I will be keen on building on in the future.

Surviving the winter of 2018, was one of the hardest moments for Bitcoins fans

It felt like a group of people trying to bring the momentum back to the bitcoin, the meeting has played videos of people displaying emotions of solidarity, common destiny and tearful eyes looking back at the time passed during the journey while  goals has not been achieved. The declared goals is that bitcoin will be the next form of internet. I am more of pragmatic passionate eccentric innovator, who is willing to allocate resources behind a specific idea but if things did not work or it sounded like that they are not going to work, I change course and I question myself “what  did I miss”?! . The group has distributed badges saying they have survived the bad winter were several crashes happened for the price of the currency, pretty much similar to what is happening to the current equity market but in a much more accelerated scale.

Questions and Answers about Bitcoin and Blockchain

On that meeting, I have met a trader who operates on the floor of one of the stock exchanges in the states, he told me that he is a market maker. This sounded like the kind of guy who is controlling sufficient funds that can lead to a buying movement in a market and makes the prices goes up. I asked him if he was a broker, he felt a little bit upset, it seems to be my knowledge in the us floor stock exchange operation is highly limited. But also I have met Brian who is a lawyer who told me that his  interested in the bitcoin because of the number of legal cases that arising from the bitcoin transactions. This sounded absurd  whole bitcoin work was about removing the middle man and centralized authorities. This includes courts and judges. The reality about blockchain and bitcoin that the promises are very far from being delivered in reality. The paradigm shift is not happening nor we have the reliable technology to support it.

The event included several talks from notable people in this community, Von a junior developer and more of a technology enthusiast, he mentioned that he has developed a blockchain messaging application. Sharon who is a running an initiative called Blockchain for good which encourages organizations to donate data so investments in the non-profit sector can be tracked. The main talk was from Jameson Loop from Casa – a physical bitcoin node that can enhance privacy and security.  This coincide very well with our work on the review of the usage of blockchain in IoT.

Casa CTO talks about the recent development of the world

and bitcoin, especially after 10 years, they have even distributed a badge saying they have survived the bad winter

I started mingling with people so I have met brian, a lawyer who is very keen on knowing more about the blockcahin especially there there was so many bitcoins lost and will never be recovered. They event provided Pizza for the attendees, I did not eat during the event but I felt very hungry after the event, I end up having 2 Boston Kremes from Dankin Donuts.

I went to sleep early on that night, this how I have ended the 3rd day of January in Chicago.

Feras Naser

3rd of January 2018

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