Travel investments, Innovation and Eccentric Behavior

The 6th of January was the pre travel day, it is the day before officially leaving Chicago, It is time for me to wrap everything, make sure that I do not forget anything, it has been a very long time for me in Chicago and I was worried that I might be losing anything from my belongings. So I decided to make sure that I still have everything I came up with, while doing that I was also keen to make a quick analysis of the trip benefits and costs.  

I started the morning with a late breakfast and looking back at the time that I have spent in the US, I was very keen to understand what was the investment that I have made during my visit to the United States visit and if it worth it. I have calculated the total amount of money that I did invest on this trip, it was around  4500 JOD (6300 dollars), it has included around 45 days of stay and the attendance of two major conferences.  After careful analysis, it was clear that our major investments was focused on enablers to create business opportunities through face to face meeting and audience engagement. I do think attending and presenting in international conferences and talking to people is a major part of my entrepreneurial  journey. In the last three months I would have attended three major conferences, the international railway research conference in Karabuk, the IEEE big data conference in Seattle and the annual transportation research board in Washington DC. I will be talking about the later in other blogs as it is the largest transportation research gathering in the world.   

Feras presenting at the International Railway Conference in Karabouk, Turkey in 2019

I have also managed to have an exceptional cultural introduction through my visits to the museum of science and industry in Chicago, the art institute of Chicago, the green Mill Jazz Club and many museums in Washington DC. Tasting new types of food  such as tasting Ethiopian food in Washington DC.  

 I could have done many things with this money, I decided to come to the United states of America, attend some conference and see whether there will be an opportunity for our work and whether our efforts will be supported.  I did not talk with random people, but rather I have talked with people who are at the heart of the research and development communities and some of them are heavily involved in transportation research work that I was trying to do. Luckily, I have managed to get the needed recommendation letter.

Feras Presenting at IEEE big data conference in Seattle 2019

I have spent some time thinking about what is the opportunity that can be provided in the United states of America.  The united states of America is a very big country, they are looking for highly specialized people in specific fields or some forms of innovation that they do not know how to build and this is usually comes from specialization. There is a great area for growth in the united states, it is a country that is very rich in natural resources, with a very strong military power and connections through it is  unique demographics to most of countries of our modern world. It can be a great country to live in, you would enjoy your time with people from all around the world, learning about new ideas and seeing new things.

At the Art institute in Chicago, one of the most beautiful Art galleries that I have visited in my .life, it has the work of Picasso, Van Gogh and many famous artists

I was analyzing what I was missing in terms of building on the opportunity, some people will tell you know there is a clear structure on how an opportunity is being made, it is becoming much less about connections and more about formality, in my life I tried both of those and I would say that it is very hard to realize an opportunity at the moment. Innovation is becoming extremely hard, it requires long years of commitment, skills , capacities,  methods and concepts building. Along with commitment on using specific tools and machines. Many people does not have the time, nor the capability to allocate that amount of time for these aspects. Sometimes, they are even incapable of such high intellectual production. Luckily, I have established myself among one of the extreme and exceptional innovation creators in the modern world, sometimes with very novel ideas and sometimes with what can be described as a moderately novel ideas. However, I am confident that I have established myself  as a global top notch talent in the world of innovation.

At the modern art wing in the art institute in Chicago

This analysis has taken a very long time from my day. Marcus interrupted my cycle of thought at around 6:00 pm, he told me would you like to build a website, I really wanted to benefit from Marcus because he is around. I wanted to make sure that If there is an opportunity for us to build a website, then we will be doing that. We sat down for around two hours, I provided him with a clear brief on what we need to be doing and how long it will be taking from our time. Unfortunately we have purchased the domains for 20 dollars, and we could not establish an FTB connection to the server, so we did not even start the process for building our website. I will carry on with this work when I come back to Jordan.

Tasting Ethiobian Food with Matt in Washington DC. MAtt works for an NGO called refugees international

I went back to the gym to exercise, unfortunately it was closed at that time, I have booked my flight back to Amman, my trip from Washington DC, had a quick look at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas. One of the biggest conferences in the world for consumer electronics.

I was surprised to see Stephanie on that day, Stephanie is a student at the art institute in Chicago, she has two master in art, film and media or related fields.  she has and outstanding eccentric behavior, she stays silent most of the time and she likes to take photos indoors while wearing black glasses. Sometimes she would spend her day watching movies.

Kathy, Stephanie (The Middle) and Ernesto standing in from of a giant tractor in the museum of science , the and industry in Chicago , the museum is considered to be one of the biggest in the world

I went to exercise around 3:00 am on that day, I like it when you have 24 hours access to the gym.  I made sure that I can cancel my subscription on fitness planet. In spite of that I still have access to the gym facilities until the 16th of January.

In short this was a quick recall of my day on the 6th of January 2019.

Feras Naser

6th of January 2019

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