Content as a happiness spreading vehicle : Analysis of the current Arabic Content – A Focus on Music

In my previous article I have made an introduction on how happiness can  help in building a resilient character which can help in reaching more successful results on the long term in the economical and political spheres. I have also shed the light on the importance of spreading happiness across the world as a fundamental part of Arab foreign policy and the urgent need for building happiness teams.

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One of the main ways of spreading happiness and joy is through content, spreading a good vibe, while I admit that sometimes a small face gesture like nodding can leave a positive impacts, we should not underestimate the importance of the spoken word. More on happy body language will be discussed in a different article. To my mind, content these days can come from group of sources. These sources are Family, Media, School and Universities, society including government and private sectors institutions. Media these days are based on digital means whether it is Social Media, TV, Radio or even billboard and simply printed media like newspapers and flyers.

From my experience, printed media is dying and it will continue to do so, most news papers and specialized magazines are online and they are being read online most of the time. In this article I will focus on Music and how it is fundamentally important in the content scene across all content delivery channel, the relation between Music and a content and happiness.

The major social media channels are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat Twitter and LinkedIn. Not mentioning the Chinese and Russians versions of these applications. The most viewed content on Youtube is music videos. 80 videos have exceeded the 1 billion views. This means anyone who neglect the importance of music is someone who is ignoring reality, period. While Music is not the only popular content on these social media platforms, there is also a spread of short funny videos and talk shows. While TV plays many movies, drama series, sports content, ads and news. However, Music is the most listened and watched content in the world by a significant margin.

In this article,  I will talk about my analysis on the most watched 80 youtube videos and the most watched Arabic songs youtube videos. I will talk about the influence range, the language, the topics. Where do I think our region can do better? Where do I think the opportunity for our artists? What the focus should be? Of course, all based on my opinion. Keeping in mind that my intention is to make sure that we have all the practical tools to deliver happiness for our people to make them more resilient to better face the challenges of the region. Also, to be able to provide the tools for our youth to spread happiness across the globe.

Analysis of the Most Watched Youtube Videos

I had a quick look on the most watched youtube videos in the world, by taking reference of the underneath wikipedia link.

I looked at the languages that songs (content) have been performed in, I have found that English, Spanish and South Korean (PSY) are the spoken languages of the videos. Not even one Chinese, Arabic or Hindi song has made it to the list. The most spoken languages in the world are English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic. It is a real pity that we could not make even one video to reach the top 80 list while a song like Gangnam Style has made it to the top of the list. (Note: Differently, there is no Arabic or Hindi song, but there might be a Chinese, I am not an expert on Asian Languages). Another side note, the Russians has made it to the top with a children song called (Masha and the Bear).

There is a good appearance of child and Disney songs, between 5-9 songs have made it to the list our of 80.

However, I think we have chance with three singers from the region to break this record. These are :
1) Saad Lamjarred.

2) Hala Al Turk.

3)  Hussein Al Jasmi.

But also, I think we need to sing in English, Spanish and Chinese. If we want to spread our happiness to the world. Many will say that songs are like products, they need proper distribution, proper marketing, in order to be successful, I agree with that, however, I genuinely believe that good content is fundamental part of the equation.

In the coming paragraphs, I will talk about my observations on the list, then build how we can utilize music to spread happiness within our population and across the world.

Songs Topics

My initial assumption, that at least 80 to 90% of songs will talk about love. I was mistaken!! I have been surprised on the variety of topics that made it to the list. So, the topics that these songs talked about are the following:

  1. EGO boosters and Cheering People Up. (Roar, EMINEM, Gangam Style, Worth it, Watch Me, Uptown Funk, Shake It Off, Waka Waka, Burn, Gentleman, Thrift Shop,  Starboy, Firework  ).
    1. Some are related to real Human flaws (Like being fat, being alone, being weak) but it turn to  accepting and loving yourself. (It is all about the bass,
    2. Not Caring About others opinion. (The Lazy Song, Not Afraid, Stressed Out
  2. Spreading Cheerfulness .
    1. Happy Vibe. (Happy,
  3.   Loneliness and Relationship Break-ups.
    1. One Sided Love. (Wrecking Ball, Problem,
    2. Missing the old eternal lover / Inspite of all the problems. (Where are you one, Hello, Baby, Closer,  Love the Way You Lie, Faded, We Do Not Talk Anymore).
    3. Hating the old Lover. ( Love Yourself, Rolling in the Deep,  Bad Blood, Where Are Ü Now, Somebody that I used to Know)
    4. Hesitance. (Dark Horse, Let Her Go,
  4. Relationships complications.
    1. Initial Dating Flare. (call me maybe, Love me like you do, What Do You Mean, All Of Me,  This Is What You Came For, Summer, Side To Side
    2. Loving a girl that is taken. (Treat you better)
    3. 2nd Chances. (Sorry, Animals)
    4. Girls and Boys requirements. (Picky, Lean On, The Hills)
    5. Not focusing on LOVE. (Counting Stars,  Work from Home)
  5. Happy and Energetic Love.
    1. People in Love – No changes or complications. (Just The Way You Are, Despacito, Hey Mama, Bang Bang)
    2. Eternal Love. (Thinking Out Loud, Bailando)
    3. Eternal Love but Family Blessing is needed. (Rude)
  6. Partying
    1. Partying like there is no tomorrow. (Chandelier, Party Rock Anthem, Burn, On The Floor, Timber, Last Friday Night)
  7. Friendships.
    1. Missing a friend. (See You Again)
    2. Bad Friendships. (Bad Blood)
  8. The journey of self discovery and experiencing life. (Wake Me Up)
  9. Child and Disney songs – The topic is mainly joyful learning or dreaming. (Let it go, Wheels on the Bus,  Masha and The Bear,  Johny Johny Yes Papa, The Gummy Bear Song, EL Pollito Pio)


Arabic Song Topics

My classification for the most watched songs topics in the Arab Region is as follows:

  1. Ego Boosters. (LM3ALLEM, Boshret Kheir, Blach Blach, Boshret Kheir,  Ma Tegi Hena,
  2. Child Songs – Energetic and Happy.
  3. One Sided Love – Missing the other. ( Masha3er, Naam Enta,
  4. Eternal Love. (Halet Hob, Ma Baaref, Wa Tebqa Le, Law kan Bekhatri Ana, Habito biny we bin nafsi)
  5. Moral Values Focused Music
    1. Parents and Mother. ( Number One For Me)
    2. Loneliness and Difficulty of Life with emphasis on Allah support. (Insha Allah)
    3. Be yourself. (Kun Anta).


Major Global Events in the Region 

There will be two major events coming to the region, the EXPO2020 Dubai and the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. I would gurantee you if you ask who are the 8 teams who made it to the quarter finals in the world cup 2010, very few people will remember the 8 teams who to that stage of the event. However, if you ask them to know what is waka waka, they will say it is the famous song that Shakira has sung in the event.

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