Exhaustion, Amman Down Town and Great Videos

On the 8th of November, I had a booking to make a tour for Amman Down Town, Rolla from ViaVii whatsapped me and told me the guest who booked the trip for two, is Canadian lady. I started to remember my cousins in Canada when she told me about that, this is the case of the Palestinian Diaspora, you can find them all over the world. I have met my uncle once in our home in UAE and I have met his son Yousef once and his Daughter Zainab. Sometimes I feel that telecommunication technology has helped the world to be closer but in some cases you really just want to meet the person for a cup of tea or a cup of coffee just to show a feeling of belonging more than an informative communication.

Thomas and Rebecca with the Roman Theare at the back, view from Amman Citadel

I wake up early, slept for 5 hours that night, prepared myself and started my trip, usually I visit my grandparents home on Friday. However, my tour starts at 9:30 am so I had to make my visit very brief, I passed by Amman down town, made sure that the city is ready to welcome our guests from Canada, Yes this is how I welcome my guests, I see them as a high profile individuals that I have to provide them with an experience that they will never forget in their lives. I arrived early to the hotel, maybe because I waked up early, suddenly I felt my mood is not ready to entertain. “No, not now please”, not near the time where I have to meet my guests. This should be the most interesting and entertaining time.

I booked a Taxi, I asked him to wait near the hotel and be ready for a call. It is time to meet my guests with full energy and excitement, Rebecca is a young Canadian who is super polite wearing a white shirt and feeling excited to get out, her husband Tom is another young 2nd Generation Canadian immigrant from Hong Kong. He looked excited it too, we gave them the brief talk about the schedule of the trip and started the trip, as usual the taxi driver did not come on time, We had to make 5 calls and to wait for another 20 minutes for him to pick us up. It did not spoil the trip, We kept talking about different topics until it has arrived. I opened the door for them and we started our tour by going to Amman Citadel.

Thomas and Rebecca in front of Amman Roman Theatre

Amman Citadel is one of the nicest places in Amman, you can really have a stunning views that you cannot get anywhere else, suddenly my English started to deteriorate, I could not tell a story nor a joke, maybe because I did not prepare the content enough or It has been a very long time since I took a guest for a six hours trip, walking inside Amman Citadel can be exhausting, I felt that I could not impress my guests, I was also worried about the time because I have to catch up with Friday Prayer before 11:30 Am in the morning. I went quickly through the last part of the tour within Amman Citadel hoping to catch the prayer, I tried to do this in a controlled way that I do not make my guests feel that, When I went outside I have realized there is not taxis and I felt Careem might take a long time because of our morning experience.

I missed the prayer, honestly, I felt a little bit annoyed, I felt in spite of a good planning, I have missed the prayer, these days I only pray on Friday, I really feel guilty if I missed a Friday prayer, I feel that even with the minimalist connection to religion and the remaining rituals of Muslim heritage, I could not make that commitment.

Ice cream at Bekdash – one of the finest Arabic ice cream places in the world

I sat alone for few minutes on the top of the Roman Theatre, I enjoyed the view with Tom and Rebecca from the top, sometimes I feel it might be better to give the guests the time to Relax and enjoy the view. We went to the museums, honestly there is not much to see, I need to try to come up with some stories related to the museums  inside the Roman Theatre, we spend some time talking about a Mosaic of a stork and a silver bracelet.

Now, it is time to have a tour inside DownTown

We went to an old Bakery, we ate bread with dates, then we went to the vegetables market, we stopped at Persimmon, Figs and thyme. Relatively figs and thyme gives me the feeling that this fruit is associated with the Levant. We carried on our tour stopping at Bekdash having Arabic Ice cream and a quick stop at Duke Diwan looking from the Balcony.

I think we were a little bit tired from walking all that distance.

Bukharia Market.

We went briefly to Bukharia market, I felt there is not much to see in there, but we stopped anyway, I took the guests to their hotel, I apologized to them about the quality of the tour due to long walks and being tired, but I think in general it was a good tour where we have managed to see many places and get an exceptional video.

I wish Rebecca and Thomas a great time to be spent in Jordan and we will be looking forward on seeing you more….

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