Culture, Social media and a University tour

On the morning of the 19th of November, I wake up feeling excited as I will be doing the university Jordan tour with a friend from Connecticut, as I am in the process of getting an early investment on our startup Adventures First, I was determined to make sure that we have an outstanding tour. I tend to make great videos by the end of tour.

went to the university, waited near the main gate, until Anna came, she looked a well styled early fifties young  woman, she told me earlier that she is coming to Amman only for two days to attend the world social media summit.  I looked at the summit website, what was caught my attention the most that summit is being held in St. Regis hotel, I feel St. Regis is more posh than the other 5 starts hotels, I do know if this the reality but this is the feeling that I tend to have when I hear about St Regis.

We started our tour passing by the university Library, usually the library is our first stop, but because Anna told me to make the trip shorter so she can make use of the rest of the day, we stopped quickly at the library talking with Mr. Abd AL Nasser, one of the oldest librarians in the library, he told us about the historical manuscripts and some of the new addition to the library like the RFID system. I was surprised to see an old Friend of mine Mr Mojaed Thniabat becoming as the library deputy director, I have known Mujahed since we were students at the University of Jordan, and we met also in the UK while he was doing his master ’s degree in the university of Leeds.  His research interest falls in the area of infrastructure management, I really think finding a solution for the water scarcity problem that affects Jordan will be a big thing. I really wish the best for all researchers who are working in the area of water resources and management.

Ann a with Dr Mohammed Abu Rumman, a gift of his recent book

We carried on with our tour stopping at the University of Jordan strategic center, luckily, we have managed to meet the ex-minister of culture and Youth, Dr Mohammed Abu Rumman, I have looked at Dr Mohammed Abu Rumman work in terms of the development Jordan youth strategy, I felt the strategy is a good beginning for something greater, we talked briefly about his work and the center services and Anna is very much interested in the impact of social media on culture, she thinks it is important to have a culture centric approach in your social media campaigns, Dr Abu Rumman has highlighted that sometimes social media can shape government policy and decisions. He said whatsapp groups are very effective in setting up meeting agendas. I used telegram and I felt it was very useful in organizing a good virtual meeting.

Feras And Anna in front of Jordan Arabic Academy

I wish I was able to write more about this tour, we stopped briefly at the language center talking to Dr Reem Madanat and the different departments at the college of foreign languages, we also talked with Ahmad Khriasiat and Manal Haddad from the manuscript and documents center. One thing we will never forget is the radio channel in Jordan Arabic Academy.  The conversation with Sameer Masarraow and Abduallah Hafeth on classical Arabic and the programs that is being offered in the radio channel was remarkable. We end up with a great video.

I wish Anna a great conference tomorrow at the world social media forum and a great stay in Jordan.

Anna Tour in the university of Jordan

Feras Naser


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